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Uma Industries is an Exporter of anaesthesia machine, OT light, surgical light, medical gas pipeline, bismuth citrate, bismuth subnitrate, bismuth carbonate, bismuth oxide, bismuth subsalicylate and stevia extract.


Bismuth Salts Manufacture

The company is manufacturing bismuth salts for last 35 years in its modern manufacturing plant at Kolkata, India.

Bismuth Citrate BPC/USP Bulk Drug
Bismuth Carbonate Industrial and medical grade
Bismuth Sub Nitrate Industrial and laboratory chemical grade
Bismuth Oxide for Glass, Fireworks and Electronic industries
Bismuth Sub Salicylate Drug

Other bismuth salts as per requirement.

We also manufacturer Sodalime Carbon-di-oxide Absorbent (indicating type) medical and industrial grade.

All About Chemisorb

Chemisorb is a real innovation. Chemisorb is an indicating type Sodalime, a Carbondioxide absorbent. Sodalime is used in closed circuit breathing system to absorb Carbondioxide (level from 0.3% to less than 0.03% which is equivalent to atmospheric concentration). Generally sodalime is extremely susceptible to channel formation. Consequently, the breathing gas always flows through these channels zones-following the principle of least resistance and the rest of the soda lime no longer plays any part in absorbing the Carbondioxide. Thanks to its non-uniform granules in CHEMISORB does not undergo this typical channel formation.

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The CHEMISORB absorbs carbon dioxide evenly and is effectively utilized.
Chemisorb do not absorb moisture from air. So it dose not clog. At the same time it results into lower breathing resistances and longer use.
Chemisorb has a sharp colour change for easy observation by Anesthetist.
It changes colour from white to violet to show it is exhausted.
Chemisorb has a very good germicidal property. It kills the germs in exhaled air.
Chemisorb cleanses the atmosphere by absorption.
Quality conforms to BP.
Tested and certified by British Oxygen Company.
Chemisorb 1001 is extremely well suited for modern low flow anesthesia.
Chemisorb 1002 is extremely well suited for high flow close circuit apparatus used by miners, under water divers, fire fighters.
Chemisorb 1003 is extremely well suited for medium flow close circuit apparatus used by workers working in hazardous environment.

Acetic acid

Product Brief : We make Acetic Acid from Acetaldehyde. which is made from Ethyl Alcohol. We are the largest producer of Acetic acid in India. It finds application primarily in industries like Pharmaceuticals. Agrochemicals and Textiles.

Application Area : Acetic Acid
Its applications are primarily for:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Textiles Drugs and
  • Dyes industries
Molecular Formula : CH3COOH

SR No. Test Unit Specification Test Method
1. Appearance   Clear, Colourless Liquid FPT-27
2. Colour Max. APHA 10 FPT-05
3. Freezing Point Min. 0C 16.1 FPT-01
4. Acetic Acid % Min 99.70 FPT-01
5. Formic Acid % Max 0.15 FPT-02
6. Chlorides Max PPM 1.0 FPT-03
7. Oxidisable Impurities   Passes Test FPT-04
8. Acetaldehyde % Max 0.10 FPT-17

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