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Kaolin - China Clay Barytes - Barium Sulphate Manganese Dioxide
Ferro-silicon Shredded Scrap


uma export iron ore It acts as the key raw material for the manufacture of steel. The quality of sponge iron is primarily ascertained by the percentage of metallization (removal of oxygen), which is the ratio of metallic iron to the total iron present in the product. The properties of sponge iron we offer are: Sponge Iron – Lumps:

Fe Total 88% ± 2%
Fe Metal 76% ± 2%
Metallization 85% ± 2%
Sulphur 0.05 % Max
Phosphur 0.06% Max
Carbon 0.2% Max
Fe Total 88% ± 2%
Size 4 to 20 mm

Sponge Iron – Fines:

Fe Total 85% ± 2%
Fe Metal 70% ± 2%
Metallization 78% ± 2%
Sulphur 0.05 % Max
Phosphor 0.06% Max
Carbon 0.2% Max
Size 1 to 4 mm

Silico Manganese
uma export iron ore This silico manganese is predominantly used in the manufacture of steel. It comprise of the following:
Manganese 64%
Silicon 15%
Carbon 2.50%
Phosphor 0.30%
Sulphur 0.04%

High Carbon Ferro Manganese

uma export iron ore We offer high carbon ferro manganese, which is very suitable for making special steel. The composition includes:

Manganese 75%
Carbon 7.50%
Silicon 2%
Phosphur 0.30%
Sulphur 0.03%

Ferro Silicon

uma export iron ore Ferro silicon can be availed from us in size of 10 mm to 60 mm. The following composition in which it can be availed from us are:

Silicon 75%
Aluminum 1.5% Max
Carbon 0.2% Max
Sulphur 0.02% Max
Phosphur 0.04% Max


Coking Coal

uma export iron ore Avail from us coking coal in the following composition. We can offer them in any quantity as desired by our clients.

Total Moisture 8%
Inherent Moisture 2.5% Max
Ash Content 5 to 6% Max
Volatile Content 41 – 42% Max
Fixed Carbon 52.5% Max
Calorific Value 7,000 Kcal/kg Min
Phosphorus 0.025% to 1.5%
Size 1 to 50 mm

Shredded Scrap

uma export We offer shredded scrap of 70 lbs/cubic ft. Leveraging on our high end sourcing capabilities, we can also offer shredded scrap of ISRI 210 and ISRI 211. These can be availed from us at industry leading prices.

Heavy Melting Scrap

uma export iron ore Consolidating on our high end sourcing abilities, we offer heavy melting scraps HMS 1 and HMS 2 to our clients as per their requirements. we offer these at competitive rates.

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