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Medical Instruments


Operation Theatre lights and Surgical Lights

Uma Industries manufactures and assembles the following surgical lights. Medicare Ulux 4, Medicare Ulux 7, Medicare Ulux 7X4. for more details, see below.

OT Light / Surgical Light

Uma has launched Medicare Alpha for your regular need with close circuit system and change over unit complete with Circle Absorber.

Medicare ULUX 4
Medicare ULUX 7
Medicare ULUX 7 x 4
Medicare ULUX 4 Mobile
Medicare ULUX Solar single / duo

uma exports medical instruments


Ceiling Suspended
Spring Balanced Control
Constant Voltage Transformer
Easy Focus Adjustment handle
12 V 50 W imported halogen Lamp Operated on 220 V AC
Colour Correcting Bulb Filter for Nominal Heat and White Light
OPTIONAL: Imported German heat reduction filter for cold light




Solar Single

ULUX 7 X 4

Dome Size

711 mm

533 mm

600 mm


Halogen Lamp

7 no. 12 v 50 W

4 no. 12 V 50 W

1 no. 24 V 150 W and one standby

7 + 4 12 V 50 W

Light Output

120000 LUX

70000 LUX

70000  to 120000 LUX

200000 LUX

Field Size

300 mm – 225 mm

300 mm – 225 mm

300 – 225 mm

300 mm – 225 mm

Colour Temperature

4200 K

4200 K

4900 K

4200 K

Colour Rendering

85 % min

85% min


85% min

Safety Features
Oxygen driven nitrous oxide regulator – ensures zero nitrous oxide flow in case of oxygen failure.
Hypoxia guard with rotameter (optional accessory) ensures minimum oxygen flow of 21 % to 30% to the patient. This considerably reduces the chance of hypoxia.
Gas specific pin indexed avoid yoke and other connections avoids chances of accidental mixup.
Oxygen failure alarm Luminous black plate for rotameter.

MRI Compatible Equipments

In the year of 1998, we have developed unique low cost MRI compatible Anesthesia machine. It has all the safety features of a standard machine. The model is used and recommended by Siemens India.

  • MRI compatible Anesthesia machine Medicare Omega NM
  • MRI compatible Laryngoscope
  • MRI compatible Pluse oxymeter
  • MRI compatible Vaporizer
  • MRI compatible Saline stand
  • MRI compatible Stretcher trolley
  • MRI compatible Flowmeter
  • MRI compatible Vacuum Apparatus

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