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uma export mineral Dolomite is a transitory mineral. It has an intermediate composition between lime stone and Magnetite. It is mainly used as:
  • Ornamental stone
  • Raw material for the manufacture of cement
  • Source of magnesium oxide.
It is also an important petroleum reservoir rock, and serves as the host rock for large strata-bound Mississippi valley-type (MVT) ore deposits of base metals (that is, readily oxidized metals) such as lead, zinc and copper. Where calcite limestone is uncommon or too costly, dolomite is sometime used in its place as a flux (impurity remover) for the smelting of iron and steel. It also finds usage in horticulture, home and container gardening.
Analyte O-Mite
SiO2 02.00% (±1.00%)
Al2O3 00.15% (±0.05%)
Fe2O3 00.10% (±0.08%)
MgO 21.50% (±1.00%)
CaO 30.00% (±2.00%)
As SO3 0.04%
Lol@ 1000°C 46.00% (±1.0%)

Calcite Mineral
uma export mineral Calcite is a carbonate of lime, that is abundantly distributed on the surface of the earth. It is mostly found in sedimentary rocks, lime stone in particular. It is also found in metamorphic marble. Calcite is often the primary constituent of the shells of marine organisms, e.g., plankton (such as coccoliths and plank tic foraminifera), the hard parts of red algae, some sponges etc. It is largely used in industries such as:
  • Textile
  • Rubber
  • Paints
  • Glass
  • Ceramic Paints
Analyte O-Cite
CaO 55.50% (±0.50%)
MgO Nil
Sio2 00.50% (±0.10%)
Al2o3 00.60% (±0.05%)
LOL@1000°C 43.50% (±2.00%)
Probable Composition  
CaCo3 98.50% (±0.50%)
MgCo3 Nil

Soapstone/Talc Powder

uma export mineral Talc in its natural form is a hydrous magnesium silicate. It is used as a flux or cleansing agent for alumina ceramics, sanitary ware and dinnerware. It is comparably a low priced source of magnesium. It helps to produce less porous bodies at low firing temperature.

Analyte O-Talc (P) O-Talc (C)
SiO2 62.00% (±1.0%) 61.00% (±1.0%)
MgO 31.00% (±2.0%) 28.00% (±1.0%)
CaO 01.00% (±0.5%) 03.00% (±1.0%)
Fe203 00.50% (±0.1%) 00.50% (±0.1%)
Lol@1000°C 05.00% (±1.0%) 06.50% (±1.0%)
Ph 09.00% (±0.5%) 09.00% (±0.5%)
Brightness 88.00% (±0.5%) 82.00% (±1.0%)

Iron Ore

uma export mineral We offer high quality and high grade (55-65% grade). Iron ore fines and iron ore lumps. These are extracted with meticulous detailing by our skilled workmen. The iron ore supplied by us forms the major component for the iron & steel and downstream industries. We ensure complete satisfaction of our clients by supplying custom and standard sizes of our iron ore.


uma export mineral Pure Bauxite is one of the basic metalic minerals. Though aluminium (in crude from) is one of the most predominant elements in the earth's crust. Bauxite is the only ore which is commercially used for the extraction of alumina, the basic raw material for aluminum production.

Refractory & Abrasive grade Calcined Bauxite being manufactured out of High grade Raw Bauxite duly heated upto 1200*/1500* Temp as required for uses, which are the main raw materials for Refractories Plants Abrasive units, Steel Plants, mortar etc

Raw Bauxite Cement Grade Metal Grade
Al2O3 48-50%min 48-50%max
Fe2O3 10%min 10%min
SiO2 5-7% max 4%max
TiO2 3.5% max 3.5% max
CaO 2.5-3% 2% max
LoI 29% max 28-30% max
Size 0-100 mm +5-100 mm
Moisture 5% max 5% max

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